Tears, Tantrums, and Broken Controllers
Tears, Tantrums and Broken Controllers: Gamer Mums And Tablet Gaming
xSHADOWx | August 29 2014
Hello there!  I'm a gamer mum from the UK and I'm lucky enough to be given the space to write a blog-based column on my life as a gamer mum: the balance I struggle to find time for raising a family and having time to enjoy my gaming will[...]
Epic Noms Or Snack-tastrophe? Caramel Apple Oreos Reviewed
Nothing makes me think of cool fall weather and fun at carnivals more than caramel apples!  So when I ran across these at my local Target, I just couldn't resist grabbing a pack! Overall,[...] read more ...
iOS: The Good, The Bad And The WTF? The Timberman Review
Feel like something's missing when you put on that plaid shirt? Ever feel the need to chop down a tree?  Find the graphics of current mobile games too flashy? If you answered yes to any of[...] read more ...
Akasha’s Homemade Potpourri
Do you ever have fruit in the fridge that is soggy or starting to go bad?  Don’t throw them away!  Although they might not be edible, they can still be useful for making a fragrant[...] read more ...
Snack-tastrophe 2014 - Jeff Foxworthy’s Cheddar Cheese Grit Chips Reviewed
Some days I run across something so crazy, it's actually MORE crazy if I DON'T buy it and bring it home.  Hence, my latest Wal-mart $2 snack-tastrophe purchase:  Jeff Foxworthy's[...] read more ...
Mistress Sara’s Sweet and Sour Chicken
This recipe originally came from Minute Brand Instant Brown Rice. Not sure if it was off the back of a box, or in a magazine, it was given to me by my mother-in-law. All searches online do not give me[...] read more ...
Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunite For “Barely Legal Pawn” Emmys Promo
The Emmys are coming August 25th and (sadly) Breaking Bad is over, but we still love (and miss) the on screen chemistry of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.  We want more but what's a fan to do?[...] read more ...
Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Review
The Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest is becoming an annual event that gives consumers the opportunity to submit experimental chip ideas and to vote for the next new flavor of Lay's chips. [...] read more ...
T-Shirt Tuesday Levels Up With Gamer Tees!
Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! ::DRUMROLL PLEASE!:: This T-shirt Tuesday theme frags out this week with Gamer Tees!   In from[...] read more ...
PopchiX Summer Challenge: Complete!
A month ago we tasked you with finding up to 199 items in 30 days, and did you ever rise up to that challenge! Every team had a little help along the way, some of it furry! Zaythar's dog,[...]
PopChiX Summer Challenge: Yoda Pinterest Craft!
We all need more Yoda in our lives! Right?! Here is a super easy craft from our PopChiX Picks on Pinterest (link). You will need: 2 sheets green construction paper or card stock for sturdier[...] read more ...
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